Online Soft is a leading technology company and licensed in Turkey for several years. We have teams specialized in web and app development, digital marketing and technological training

Who we are?


Who we are?

Online Soft is a leading technology company and licensed in Turkey for several years. We have teams specialized in web and app development, digital marketing and technological training


Our Services


If you want to rank your site in Google search results and get ahead of competitors
Our SEO team will create a content brief including search intent matching and light keyword research
Once the brief is approved, our in-house SEO writers craft high-quality content you’ll be proud to publish
Your content comes with Clear scope optimization and relevant images

Web design

This department is responsible for creating Android-applications and web-designs customized to meet your organizations needs. Our engineers will work closely with you during the creative process and beyond.

We will start by choosing an appropriate name for your domain together. Then you will be provided with multiple visual models, from which you can choose the one that best suits the nature of your business. Next, we will move to the stage of implementation and help your organization to apply its personal touch to the design. Finally, we will deliver you a masterpiece of web-design that is in compliance with the highest safety standards.


We uses state-of-the-art animations to bring to life technical publications across different categories in  services. We create customized solutions for technical publications of all types, from basic manuals to interactive electronic manuals.

Our animation services benefit the end-user by transforming the theoretical concept to make it easier to understand and retain. This increases customer satisfaction and enhances the brand awareness of the company or product.

Our animation services are completed on time and within budget, providing instant value for any business. Our animation services cater to the requirements of industries including  consumer, energy, heavy engineering, automotive, and transportation.


We offer our services as a marketing consultant, in order to help you identify and target your customer base. We further offer to manage your organization’s social media presence and to improve your visibility using SEO techniques

Technology Training Department

This department offers specialized technology courses, designed to teach young people the skills necessary to succeed in the modern workplace.
I Accounting
II Photography
III Digital Marketing
IV Design
V Web design / Android Applications
VII Robotic Programming

Graphic Design

This department designs and produces all of your organisation’s merchandise, including but not limited to:

*company logo design

*brochures and magazines

*t-shirts, pens, cups, and countless other merch-items


In our on-site studio, we create and finalize or picture and video projects, which include TV-Productions, advertisements, video-presentations and animations.

Big Projects With Our Partners



A platform that enables institutes to design and conduct powerful online assessment exams. The platform utilizes AI in its anti-cheat system to detect suspicious activities, verify identities, and more. The platform allows administrators to design rich exams with many types of questions and answers types.



Many universities and institutes have chosen OTTO

*all-in-one educational platform.
*giving lectures to 1000 students at the same time
*advanced digital examination monitoring system

You will find these and many more features at Otto.



the first international platform where traders and exporters meet manufacturers and service providers around the world

the primary platform where traders can find what productions they need frome the factories and manufactures around the world and to contact them directly



Value Proposition

is an easy to use low cost application that allows shop owners to manage their Cash. Inventory. Profit. all in one

Our product

We provide to business owners an application, which helps them with
1-Tracking costs and revenues per item

2-Informing them about how much supplies they need for each item for the next day

3-giving Real-time financial statements including tax overview
4-Also our solution is multi-language and can have multiple users per shop.

- our customer now has all the reports he needs
2- he can check on it when he is out of his shop also, at any time.

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Geographical distribution of our business

Our Portfolio

Some Of Our Project

Ebla Foods




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