Why Choose Opexams?

Rich Exam Content
Design any question that you can think of, and many more that you can’t.
AI-Powered Anti Cheat
Identity check, plagiarism check, live monitoring, suspicious movement detection, and more.
Powerful Reports
Make data-driven decisions using insightful reports about every aspect of your exams.
Identity Verification
OpExams will compare students’ faces with their existing ID documents and notify administration with the results.
Anti-cheat System
Suspicious eye movement detection, device and application lock, copy and paste prevention, multiple people detection, and much more.
Similarity Check
OpExams makes plagiarism as hard as spelling the word “Plagiarism” with its AI powered similarity check reports for students’ answers.
Live Monitoring Room
When proctors enter the monitoring room, they will see students’ videos, screens, raised hands, received warnings, suspicious movement indicators, and more.
Camera and Screen Recordings
Even if proctors took a nap during the exam, OpExams will record everything in the monitoring room and notify teachers when grading the exam.
Exams can be adjusted down to every detail. Camera, recordings, warnings, exam rules, latency, payment, registration, identity check, students information, etc..